Thursday, December 9, 2010

First of many

Today I believe I finally finished getting the Christmas decorations up around the house. Since it is a small house it didn't take too long. It was fun, and meant a lot of running around. I created many checklists, so here is an abreviated version, with short stories that apply;

1. live of fake christmas tree- live; from Savemart (local grocery store) $20. Driving it back home was funn
y with the little Camry, sorry I forgot to take a picture.

But here is their advertising picture....

2. lights- 4 strands of 100 lights from Walmart. Brandon is very particular with how he puts lights on a tree, and they look wonderful. His Dad even asked if our tree was real because the lights looked too good. Go husband!

3. decorations-

a. ribbons from costco; This really should have been the easy part, run to Costco get ribbon, run home. No- run to 3 different Costcos over 3 days (which meant we had Costco for lunch, darn) trying to find the ribbon. But it was found and placed on the tree.
b. cinnamon scented pinecones; I love the smell of Cinnamon!
c. beads; I wanted to string cranberries, but we decided since we were already a poor married couple, and
Brandon doesn't like beads no cranberries. So at Target today I found these beads for $3! I had to have them, Brandon has decided that as long as I like the tree, he likes the tree.
d. ornaments; So far we decided that the ribbons will take the place of most of the ornaments for this year, outside of a few from my childhood, mostly the angels, and our 'first' Christmas ornament.

4. tree topper- how hard should it be to find an angel for the top of the tree? Brandon and I both understand most people use stars, but we like angels. No pretty angels are available- and I searched. So now I have a tree decorated with no topper.... well, I had extra ribbon, and I made a huge bow. I am actually rather proud of my bow, it is not the best, but if I do it again another time I am sure it will get better, and until someone makes fun of my bow it is staying there.

5. Nativity- This was probably the saddest part of my day today. There were not many nativities in the stores. In the morning I was out for 3- 4 hours and saw no nativities, this evening I thankfully saw some, and I bought 2. But It made me want to cry, Actually I almost did cry when I was in Target and actually heard a O Holy Night, I Saw Three Ships, and Away in A Manger near the Christmas section- that was the first time in any store I have been to that actually had songs about Christ.

6. My special angel. I saw her at Marshalls and immediately I wanted her, but she didn't have a price tag, and she was missing a leg, so I thought maybe she wasn't for sale. Well I went back today and she was still there, unloved by all, but I decided that first I didn't care if she only had one leg, and second Marshalls will sell anything, so they will sell me this angel. I picked her up, and took her with me. The lady at the front looked at her missing leg and was wondering if I really wanted her, I said yes, I paid full price for her (I think they made up a price) and brought her home to sit on my piano, where she can be loved for all time- she may stay up all year round too.I love this season and I am so grateful to live in an country that allows me to celebrate the birth of my Savior.

Have a merry Christmas everyone!


  1. your tree looks great!! how fun you had all that time to go look for ribbon and beads and navities!! I am still trying to get my stuff out of boxes, let alone shopping for more! :)