Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas is a time for Carols

All growing up my family has had a strong tradition of caroling. Our family would get together with two other really close families and go around town singing. Our three families were known as the 'tri-family.' Papa Ray would play the guitar to accompany us, and we sang.

(Tri-family kids few years ago)

Missing that spirit of singing Brandon and I got together with some of our friends here and picked out some people that we knew that may enjoy and need a Christmas carol. Going around with these friends reminded me of those times when I was younger.

(Matt, Sami, Chelsea and Jason, Ashley and Brandon, Jen and Adam)

The power of song never ceases to surprise me. When I forget I just remember my Grandma telling me of how much she loves having the Young Women in her ward come to her every year, and when they do her neighbor opens her window so she can hear those angelic voices as well. At times the tiniest voice can bring the most powerful emotions as we are all reminded what Christmas is all about; Christ, faith, love, and hope.

This is one of our favorite songs, and we hope you enjoy this wonderful season.
Merry Christmas!

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