Sunday, January 23, 2011


All my life I have read and heard about developing my talents, not hiding lights under bushels, and practice makes permanent.

As with the parable of the Talents I was given certain talents from birth, one of
those talents (delicately put) is my desire to persevere, some at times calls it stubbornness, but that is a bit harsh.

My mother has always tried to help me increase my talents, I relied heavily on my perseverance to acquire some skill with these; ballet, piano, clarinet, knitting, and now even sewing.

Last night I stepped into a new classroom where there was no teacher, and so I called the smartest person I could, my mother. We spoke for a few minutes and then I dived into my project- a living room pillow. Slowly now I will add to my home, add to my talents. And by posting this I will not be hiding this under a bushel. I can now use my pillow to hide other things such as chocolate.

front on the couch back

Brandon decided to tape me without me knowing it. Enjoy if you want to watch.