Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas and friends

Christmas is a times for friends to join together, laugh and establish bonds that create family. Moving to Fresno I was excited to make new friends, I just didn't know how or what I would be eating when I made those friends. I once declared that I would never eat sushi unless I was at a 4 star restaurant, or next to the sea. Well Fresno is not by the sea but Harmony and Katy's house became a 4 star restaurant Monday night- sushi night

I decided that since I was not only going to eat sushi, but make it as well, pictures were a must, and so I reclaimed my identity as the unofficial photographer- an identity that this blog will require me to maintain.

Here is a simple guide to making Won-tons (excuse spelling)
1. take the shell and wet the sides
2. put cream cheese/chive filling in middle
3. seal by pinching the sides
4. put them in the fryer
5. enjoy

Aly, Rachel, and Blair
1. 2. 3. 4. (egg rolls shown)

Jen with cream cheese mix Katy cooking, Harmony persuading Adam to cook.

To top the night off, Who knew that the 4 star restaurant would have wonderful singers disguised as chefs- the guys serenaded the girls with Snow Patrol's , "Chasing cars" and a few other songs, good job men.

Chef turned musician- this is the real fairytale.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas is a time for Carols

All growing up my family has had a strong tradition of caroling. Our family would get together with two other really close families and go around town singing. Our three families were known as the 'tri-family.' Papa Ray would play the guitar to accompany us, and we sang.

(Tri-family kids few years ago)

Missing that spirit of singing Brandon and I got together with some of our friends here and picked out some people that we knew that may enjoy and need a Christmas carol. Going around with these friends reminded me of those times when I was younger.

(Matt, Sami, Chelsea and Jason, Ashley and Brandon, Jen and Adam)

The power of song never ceases to surprise me. When I forget I just remember my Grandma telling me of how much she loves having the Young Women in her ward come to her every year, and when they do her neighbor opens her window so she can hear those angelic voices as well. At times the tiniest voice can bring the most powerful emotions as we are all reminded what Christmas is all about; Christ, faith, love, and hope.

This is one of our favorite songs, and we hope you enjoy this wonderful season.
Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

First of many

Today I believe I finally finished getting the Christmas decorations up around the house. Since it is a small house it didn't take too long. It was fun, and meant a lot of running around. I created many checklists, so here is an abreviated version, with short stories that apply;

1. live of fake christmas tree- live; from Savemart (local grocery store) $20. Driving it back home was funn
y with the little Camry, sorry I forgot to take a picture.

But here is their advertising picture....

2. lights- 4 strands of 100 lights from Walmart. Brandon is very particular with how he puts lights on a tree, and they look wonderful. His Dad even asked if our tree was real because the lights looked too good. Go husband!

3. decorations-

a. ribbons from costco; This really should have been the easy part, run to Costco get ribbon, run home. No- run to 3 different Costcos over 3 days (which meant we had Costco for lunch, darn) trying to find the ribbon. But it was found and placed on the tree.
b. cinnamon scented pinecones; I love the smell of Cinnamon!
c. beads; I wanted to string cranberries, but we decided since we were already a poor married couple, and
Brandon doesn't like beads no cranberries. So at Target today I found these beads for $3! I had to have them, Brandon has decided that as long as I like the tree, he likes the tree.
d. ornaments; So far we decided that the ribbons will take the place of most of the ornaments for this year, outside of a few from my childhood, mostly the angels, and our 'first' Christmas ornament.

4. tree topper- how hard should it be to find an angel for the top of the tree? Brandon and I both understand most people use stars, but we like angels. No pretty angels are available- and I searched. So now I have a tree decorated with no topper.... well, I had extra ribbon, and I made a huge bow. I am actually rather proud of my bow, it is not the best, but if I do it again another time I am sure it will get better, and until someone makes fun of my bow it is staying there.

5. Nativity- This was probably the saddest part of my day today. There were not many nativities in the stores. In the morning I was out for 3- 4 hours and saw no nativities, this evening I thankfully saw some, and I bought 2. But It made me want to cry, Actually I almost did cry when I was in Target and actually heard a O Holy Night, I Saw Three Ships, and Away in A Manger near the Christmas section- that was the first time in any store I have been to that actually had songs about Christ.

6. My special angel. I saw her at Marshalls and immediately I wanted her, but she didn't have a price tag, and she was missing a leg, so I thought maybe she wasn't for sale. Well I went back today and she was still there, unloved by all, but I decided that first I didn't care if she only had one leg, and second Marshalls will sell anything, so they will sell me this angel. I picked her up, and took her with me. The lady at the front looked at her missing leg and was wondering if I really wanted her, I said yes, I paid full price for her (I think they made up a price) and brought her home to sit on my piano, where she can be loved for all time- she may stay up all year round too.I love this season and I am so grateful to live in an country that allows me to celebrate the birth of my Savior.

Have a merry Christmas everyone!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Let Christmas ring in the air

Christmas always seems to start once Thanksgiving is over, as a child I wanted to resist this beginning of change, as I felt it bypassed Thanksgiving. Now that I am older I truly see how the two go perfectly hand in hand, and I have decided they both need to spread year round. There is no other holiday that brings together family as these two do, and when family is celebrated then charity abounds.

Mom made aprons for the girls, and working in the kitchen was so much fun.

Although as the women worked on dinner we left the men to take care of the kids. I think they may have had way too much fun.

I think what everyone loved the most about this Thanksgiving was the anticipation of the newest member of our family, Sawyer Marc Hansen, he finally came with his own timing. After my birthday, but before Papa's anniversary. He is a special baby boy and I can't wait to give him kisses.