Thursday, October 6, 2011

Nursery Books and music

Now I would not be telling the truth if I didn't say that being able to justify buying Disney movies, CDs, and fairy tale books did not play a part in my theme for the nursery. To me there is no better way to start a child's life than by reading from Nursery rhymes, collections of fairy tales, and listening to Disney. I have recently read that children under 2 should not watch TV/ movies because it interferes with brain development. Interesting study. So the movies I will not lie are at the moment for me during midnight feedings, and the kids when they are older.

Here is a selection of books and CD's that I want to have in my little child's library- movies will come next week.


How can a child go wrong when Disney comes out with Nursery Rhymes and fairy tales? I love this idea, and Therefore is one of the first books on my list of my library.

The second book on my list is this "American
a" book. Basically it is like the Nursery rhymes book, only focusing on American stories, Paul Bunyon and the sort. American history through Disney eyes. Too much can be dangerous, as everyone knows Disney's way of 'disneyfy-ing' tales that do not end happily ie Little Mermaid, but that is where the rest of my library comes in to play.

Andrew Lang has complied arguably the best collection of Fairy Tales, folk stories, and fables in the 20th Century. He also has written many comparative literature pieces, and his own widely loved fairy tales- and is essentially brilliant. His Fairy tale series is broken up into 12 books of color; Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Pink, Grey, Violet, Crimson, Brown, Orange, Olive, and Lilac. He also has other books, but this twelve book collection will be a great addition to my library- and will clarify anything that Disney distorts.

Every child needs to know the tale of Peter Rabbit, and Beatrix's other beloved tales about animals.

So far I
have opted for the non Disney Winnie the Pooh, as it was never a favorite with me, I confess I never read it- I stuck with my fairy tales- but something must be said for a book that has inspired so many, and on principle I am including it with my library.

There are many other books that I am excited to put into the nursery room, but these are basics that will carry through the years, and offer a fun assortment of collections of children's literature.


I had a hard time trying to choose just the right music for my little boy. I love Disney music, and I love Classical music, but how was I to find the right balance. Certain classical music and Disney music is not suited for babies; ie the "Fantastic Symphony" and "Be Prepared" are two examples of songs my baby wont listen to for a while, but I also didn't want watered down classical music. Luckily I have a decent start for a classical collection due to music classes in college, and I found these nice Disney CD's aimed at babies, that include classical music that is soothing, and Disney songs that don't talk about murdering your brother.

These are the titles that impressed me the most as I was looking for good music. These first two have multiple albums. I think there are 2 Baby Einstein and 2 Lullaby Albums specifically but there are also other variations to choose from, giving me ample to look at- and choices for when I want to cuddle with my little boy.

These two are more of the traditional Disney music. Mannheim converts soundtracks to instrumentals- with a steamroller twist- and there are 5 volumes of the Classic Disney CD's. Sadly, they are no longer actively being printed so I must get them off of Amazon. But I will get lots of Disney music- and then iTunes can help me create the best baby lists.

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