Monday, September 19, 2011

Baby Quilt

So last week my computer decided to die, meaning this past week I had to recollect ideas, and thoughts that I wanted to incorporate into my Baby Quilt. Luckily I created an Amazon wish list, and had saved a lot of images that I thought were fun and cute.

First off, I believe I have selected a theme for the room: Home, where dreams come true. The original idea was to embroider that onto the baby quilt- but since I don't have an embroidery machine, nor do I know someone who does- I will have to use that idea while creating the room - rather than necessarily have it on the quilt.

Oh- and this is the blanket that I get to start to knit this coming week! I am really excited. Jo Ann is brilliant- they give you some free patterns, and then 'recommend' fabric, yarn, ect in order to complete the project. I have lots of projects saved on there, but this one first.

You can ignore all of the cute stuffed animals, and get an idea of what the blanket will look like.

Now my quilt. For everyone who thinks I am being overly ambitious, please remember I wont get into my new place till the beginning of November, and I work from home- distractions are wonderful, and I want to do a few large projects rather than a lot of small ones that I will end up tossing.

Design: As I had mentioned a few weeks ago I found this 'Neverland' themed quilt that I thought was just adorable, little simplistic, but adorable.
Then I recently came across this one, again it utilizes the Thomas Kinkade Disney Fabric, which both the Peter Pan, and Pinocchio panels have some cute prints that I may want to utilize, But I don't know yet.
This also gives you an idea of how complex this design is, and personally a little over the top- it needs to be simplified to a certain degree. I enjoy that they used 12 different fabrics in this quilt that is 48"x48". Anyway, since I know that I do not want to use either the large Pinocchio or Peter Pan main fabric panel, I am debating what I would use, fabrics, corner pictures, ect.
I like the Blue fairy, Big Ben, Peter, Wendy with John panels, which may all work out to make for cute corner panels of the quilt. But as for the middle panel- I am still thinking. One thought that I recently had was to piece together the 'Disney Castle' obviously dialed down alot- but I have found some cute quilted/ castles that don't look girly.

The first reminds me a little too much of It's a Small World ride, but it gives an idea of what a quilted castle would look like, the 2nd is the embroidered version of the toned down third castle- which serves as the inspiration for the middle of the quilt.

Those are the main thoughts for the baby quilt, I had more but after realizing that I actually want to use this quilt and not just have it out for show- I need to to be durable, and too much would make it too fragile.

As always thoughts are enjoyed, and I hope you appreciate seeing my two large baby projects that hopefully will take the next 4 months to complete! Oh and as a side note the Dr doesn't think I am very big yet, not for how far along I am, although in my defense I have grown a baby belly in the past two weeks, before that- not so much.

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