Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Being as my family is scattered across the country I think it is fitting that my blog becomes a point of reference for nursery ideas. Brandon and I settled on one thing when we found out we were pregnant- the nursery will most definitely be Disney themed. One, I have a lot of Disney stuff from my childhood that I could use, and I wanted to incorporate the constant dreaming, wishing, and imagining that Disney incorporates into the movies, especially the classics. So I will be posting periodically different ideas and things that I find.

I found this Picture- and realized this is exactly the idea and feeling that I wanted the nursery to convey. But I couldn't create a nursery off of this picture, so after searching some more the first main idea that I fell in love is:

The Peter Pan room, and it instantly clicked into the perfect theme- Neverland! The place where children never grow up. I loved Disney's rendition of the movie, and the original book, as well as the statue that I sat and read by in Hyde Park. I love the quilt, crib, lamps, and clock, but there are too many things going on in this room, and I don't think I would attempt a green room. But here are some of my favorite pictures of the room- and ideas I would steal:

First the quilt. A simple medallion quilt with Disney themes and quotes would be
perfect for cuddling my little boy.

This window mural, a
bsolutely adorable I really want to do this, most likely with help as I have no artistic talent to accomplish a small masterpiece for the baby's room.

. The third is the old map- now this is where I love Disney fanatics they can turn a simple map of Neverland into:

An old world Neverland map. Isn't this the coolest ever? Way better than an old world map- I definitely want this in the baby's room.

Lastly, I found this so cute chest that Brandon could make and we could decorate to fit the room. I may still have him make the pirate chest even if the theme isn't Peter Pan.

Now as I said before I love this sweet room, and I was going to pattern the whole room after Neverland- but after deciding one theme is too restrictive and too costly- I would have to try to find cute old clocks, and lamps, so this room must be tempered by something simpler. Which I found- but it still needs some tweaks to be a truly affordable nursery.

Isn't this just sweet? I am not the biggest fan of the stripes, but I do like the tan, and I am thinking of two colors in the nursery- just not stripes. But anyway the way that this nursery accomplished the Disney theme was by hanging lithographs all over the room, then used a blue/ green bedding, added some stuffed animals and voila a simple Disney themed room. I like the simplicity of the decorating- much less stressful than trying to find items to give a certain 'feel' but rather- little touches here and there so you don't feel like you have been hit over the head and the room isn't cluttered.

Ok enough Nursery for the day- I want to update on nursery ideas weekly- I have a few, just wanted to let you see what my two most top favorites are.

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