Monday, August 22, 2011

BIG update on life

During Brandon’s last week of finals I oddly felt left out, I had no more tests to take. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t miss worrying over my grades, but I still felt as if I was missing out on the happy feeling that comes when you do well on a test. So I found a pass/ fail test and I took it. I didn’t want to tell Brandon because I was afraid that he would make fun of me- so I took the test before he was awake. Then while he was still half asleep I told him that he would do great on his final test, because I passed mine with a plus.

After Brandon’s graduation Mom and Dad brought Brandon and I out to Virginia so we could see the house before Christmas, and help them with the Grandmas. Little did Mom and Dad know that their plane tickets for four actually brought out five, and that Brandon and I would not be able to come out for Christmas vacation. During the Virginia trip we saw Monticello, University of Virginia, Madison’s home, DC, the Shenandoah Valley, and lots of fun little countryside. Sadly though our little boy did not appreciate the beauty of those hills, but maybe in January he will like hills better.

During the summer back in Bakersfield I ran into Nicole Arburua and we got taking about Brandon and his Civil Engineering degree. She told me that she works for a company that deals in geotechnical engineering- Brandon’s favorite branch of civil. She asked me to send her his resume and hopefully he can get an interview.

About two weeks later Kiley sent me an email asking for Brandon’s resume, Nicole had spoken with her boss whom was really excited to talk with Brandon. Brandon wasn’t around so it took a little maneuvering to get Nicole his resume, but once we got her the resume, Nicole’s boss wanted to talk with Brandon- and asked that Brandon to call him soon. So I called Brandon- told him, gave him the number and background about Krazan (the Engineering company), and Brandon had a nice phone interview. Two hours later he had an interview set up with the head of the company in Fresno. That interview went well and HR insisted on one last interview with both the head engineer and the Bakersfield manager, it was in that interview that Brandon was told to look for Krazan’s official offer the next day.

So after months of looking, Brandon has a job not only in his favorite branch of engineering, but one that is crafted for his development and growth long term into the company.

The baby is healthy and kicking- at the doctor’s appointment we were told he was a very active baby, and we got to see him not only move his feet but his hands and mouth as well. He feels more like he is poking than anything and if I want him to stop I simply ask Brandon to try to feel him. He gets shy when someone puts a hand to my belly- but he loves to hear people talk, I think that wakes him up more than anything. Just so you know names will come later; for now we simply call him baby Fontes.

We are moving to Bakersfield- and are excited to for our little family to grow; and surprisingly after a few days of packing I still have my sanity!

I promise pictures will come soon.


  1. What! You're pregnant? Congrats! I'm so excited for you guys! Hope you're doing well! xoxo

  2. Sounds great all around! Didn't realize you guys were expecting :D Will have to try to get together when we visit Bakersfield to visit the in laws!